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Dog Grooming in Suwanee: Cutting Coats for the Summer

With summer just around the corner, pet parents are stripping their closets of sweaters and looking at their dogs wondering if they should strip them down too. Most dog grooming in Suwanee offer haircuts along with the regular grooming services. While some dogs have naturally short coats, others have naturally long coats that are particularly made for the winter. Many of these dogs are genetically born with what’s known as a double-coat offering a shorter undercoat underneath the long upper layer. This undercoat offers insulated protection from the cold as well as the heat. There are more than two or three dozen of these dog breeds and it’s important to recognize them before you get their hair cut.

Double-Coated Dog Breeds

Double-coated dog breeds have different needs when it comes to dog grooming in Suwanee and a summer doo. Some of these double-coated breeds include most (if not all) Spitz-type breeds. Most dogs with longer, straight hair usually have a double-coat. This includes collies and sheepdogs of most kinds, many large dog breeds like Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, and the Mastiff and even some sports dogs such as the Spaniels and Retrievers.  Before you take your dog for a haircut with dog grooming in Suwanee, check that your breed doesn’t have a double coat, because if it does, shaving your dog down may do more harm than help.

Myths for Cutting Dog Hair

If you’re the owner of a long-haired dog, it’s likely you’ve heard the comment, “Wow, your dog must be hot underneath all that hair!” while you’ve just been walking around. It’s often said by those who have never owned a long-haired breed or have never researched the coat-health of a long-haired, double-coated breed. There are a few myths that are going around about double-coated dog breeds and dog grooming in Suwanee and that’s one of them.

Myth 1: Cutting Your Dog’s Hair Will Make Him Cooler in Hot Weather

Remember that the undercoat of a dog’s coat offers insulation from the cold? It also offers insulation from the heat. Dogs with long, double coats are far better off without their hair being cut for the summer. Dogs don’t sweat like people do. Instead, when dogs are hot, they sweat through their paws and expel it through their pants. If you cut a double coat, you not only risk making your dog hotter, but you expose their extremely sensitive skin to the sun. These long-haired breeds are more prone to sunburn and skin-cancer from excessive sun when they are exposed to sun so directly on the skin. Their hair is offering a protective layer that they require.

Myth 2: It Will Make Them Shed Less

As the owner of a long-haired, double-coated dog, you may think that dog grooming in Suwanee and haircuts can help minimize the seasonal shedding, but it doesn’t. If you have a double-coated dog, you will notice that your dog only really sheds twice a year and usually it’s during the major season change of winter into summer and summer back into winter. This shedding is mostly the undercoat, which is short hair. Cutting the fur will not stop the undercoat from coming out.

Myth 3: It’ll Grow Back The Same

Actually with dogs from the Spitz family and other double-coated dogs, when you trim their hair and cut their undercoat, you risk the hair not growing back in the same or even never growing back at all. If you have one of these dog breeds, instead of cutting the hair for the summer with dog grooming in Suwanee, consider a regular brushing good and just keep the mats non-existent. Keep playtime and walks outside limited as heat is hard on all dogs and you’ll be fine.