dog safety in Suwanee

Understanding Doggie Language for Dog Safety in Suwanee

Dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves—well, their muzzles. At any given moment they have no problem telling us how they feel. The unfortunate part is that we don’t always know how to interpret what they’re telling us. The biggest problem for dog safety in Suwanee comes from when we pay attention to only one or two signals instead of looking at a dog’s whole package. With limited resources, dogs do what they can to alert us of how they feel, but in many situations that’s all they can do and are otherwise powerless. It’s important to know what they’re feeling so we don’t’ push them too far to the point where they become dangerous.


The Neutral Doggie

Before we can get into any other emotions, we must know what neutral looks like and from there we can gauge changing emotions and dog safety in Suwanee. Neutral involves an overall relaxed body posture and a relaxed, hanging tail that may or may not be wagging slightly. Neutral dogs may also pant happily.

The Alert Doggie

The alert doggie is no threat or sign of infraction on dog safety in Suwanee, but it should definitely be noted. An alert dog has noticed sounds or sights surrounding that are out of the norm or alarming and they want to make sure the sound is safe. An alert dog may be leaning forward slightly and their ears will be up, possibly twitching to pick up different sounds. He may be focused and he could either be panting or holding his mouth shut to smell the air better.

The Aggressive Doggie

Alert can turn to aggressive if the dog is met with anything that seems like a threat or causes fear in the dog. Most of the time, aggression is caused by fear and is the dog’s natural survival instincts kicking in as fight or flight. Dogs who don’t fight usually run away. To spot an aggressive dog, look for stiff posture with no hackles. The mouth will be drawn back with teeth exposed and the ears are laying back. The tail is typically lifted and can wag side to side slowly or moderately like a flag. This can often be confused as playfulness by inexperienced people which is often how people get hurt and why dog body language is so important for dog safety in Suwanee.

The Playful Doggie

So in conjunction with dog safety in Suwanee, a playful dog has a relaxed body, its tail is raised and may wag quickly or slowly. Its ears will be up and it may be panting. It may even appear to be smiling. It may also bounce in and out of a kneeling position with a lowered front half.

The Frightened Doggie

Dogs who appear afraid should be approached cautiously if at all and only be approached by people they know and trust if possible. A frightened dog will have its ears back and flattened, its back will arch down, and its tail will be tucked between its legs. It may even appear to be crouching slightly as it walks. A frightened dog can quickly turn dangerous and aggressive if approached the wrong way which is why dog safety in Suwanee is important to remember before approaching one.