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Common Bad Manners in Dogs

Poor behaviors and bad manners are far more common in dogs than you might think. These behaviors range from mildly obnoxious to downright dangerous. With dog training in Suwanee, the bad manners can be minimized if not completely removed from the list of normal behaviors for your dog. Here are some of the most common of the ill-manners displayed by family dogs.

Jumping or Barking for Attention

This is quite often an affliction of smaller dogs more so than larger dogs. While larger dogs might prompt for attention by placing their paws on their owner’s lap or even standing on their hind legs, it’s far more common that medium size or smaller dogs typically show this behavior. If you have a smaller-sized dog, consider a time where you might have been talking to someone and your dog was jumping up between you trying to get your attention. Many dogs get away with this behavior because their pet parents think it’s cute. While it’s alright for a dog to be excited, they should never be allowed to demand it in this way. You’ll need to work on dog training in Suwanee to stop this behavior. If it persists, it may lead to worse behaviors such as barking for attention and then stealing things and so on. This behavior typically shows a lack of boundaries.

Pulling the Lead

Dogs will always pull the lead to some extent and that’s alright. Your dog is likely far more excited to be out and about than you are and has a lot more energy than you. However the dog should never end up choking himself or pulling you over. You should never be walked by your dog because she is pulling so hard. Seek the help of professional dog training in Suwanee if you find yourself unable to break this terrible dog habit.

Begging for Scraps

This doggie bad habit is terrible for multiple reasons. Dogs’ digestive systems can’t handle the high calorie foods that human bodies can. If you give into your dog begging for scraps, you’re enabling a bad diet that is likely to lead to weight gain and other problems for your dog’s health. Work with your dog, your family, and dog training in Suwanee to break this habit before it becomes dangerous.

Becoming Alpha Over Your Family

Dogs feel comfortable when someone is firmly in charge. When you aren’t around or if you aren’t a firm leader, they take that role on themselves. This can be problematic if they come off aggressive when the family members are around, if they steal things from the family members, or if they are otherwise pushy and dominant. You’ll need to work with the individuals as well as do extra dog training in Suwanee to curb this habit. The involvement of the family members will be key.

Aggressively Greeting Others

There has probably been more than one occasion where you have been walking and a dog sees you and just starts barking like mad, even if you’re feet away. Maybe this sounds like your dog. This is a form of aggression that’s born from lack of dog training in Suwanee and in order to end it, you will need to spend more time training and socializing the dog in order to give it mental equilibrium. Without it, your dog is prone to anxiety, chaos, and poor behaviors that may seem embarrassing for you.