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Workin’ That Poochie Mind and Why

If you’ve noticed high-levels of energy that verge on destructive, a pooch who seems depressed, or a dog who’s always getting into trouble, this could be a sign that your dog isn’t getting enough mental exercise. There are more than a handful of ways to expose your pup to mentally stimulating situations that will not only expel mental energy, but physical energy too. It’s not all dog training in Suwanee. You may be surprised by how different your dog could become when given an appropriate thinking outlet.

Benefits to Mental Exercise

For dogs, mental exercise is key to living a complete, healthy life. A dog who lacks the appropriate mental exercise will often be anxious and destructive, overly energetic and express poor dog behaviors. With dog training in Suwanee, a mentally exercised dog will:


  • Be more likely to express himself more calmly
  • Have a lower sense of anxiety in all forms
  • Have an easier time meeting new people and animals
  • Be more adaptable to new places
  • Be happier with his life
  • Be less destructive of his toys and your house
  • More attentive and display a higher level of listening

If you’re not sure how to work your pooch out mentally, here are some great places to start:

Dog Training in Suwanee

One of the most obvious answers to mental training is of course ongoing dog training in Suwanee. A dog is never too old to learn something new. Dogs also enjoy the attention and closeness they feel with their owner when going through dog training.

Give Your Dog a Job

Things like herding, guarding, or even carrying an empty bag can mentally train your dog. It takes more brainpower for dogs to do things we find simply than we give them credit for. Pet stores and online stores have a number of bags for dogs that come in many different colors, styles, and sizes. Keep in mind that you will have to normalize your dog to wearing a new article such as a bag, but it will provide them with extra exercise that they need without dog training in Suwanee.

Brain Toys

A brain toy or puzzle toy is another option outside of dog training in Suwanee that will provide your dog with a mentally strenuous activity that is also fun. There are a number of brain, peek-a-boo, and problem solving toys that can be found online and in pet stores. Know what your dog likes to chew on and do your best to avoid anything that may be a choking hazard. Also remember that you cannot leave these toys down when you are not actively using them.


One of the most fun and free ways to mentally workout your dog is through socialization. This can be just walking through busy parts of town where your dog will have the opportunity to observe other people and animals or through specifically targeted socialization activities such as dog meetups, daycares, or dog training in Suwanee. Dog socialization has more benefits than simply expanding mental energy as it also helps your dog become less shy and more willing to meet new people. This can ease barking, anxiety, and so much more.