pet adoption in Suwanee

The Needs of Adult Pet Adoption in Suwanee

If you’re looking at pet adoption in Suwanee, you have many more opportunities than a 3 month old puppy. There are older puppies and adult dogs that are looking for new homes all over the city, let alone the state. However with some older dogs, you may face different problems when it comes to training and needs. Some older puppies (over six months) and older dogs may have pre-existing conditions from past owners or problems. In fact, you may find a number of older dogs who are not appropriately housebroken. If you find that housebreaking is impossible or just not happening, there may be an underlying issue and you may want to visit the vet.

Vets Should Be Seen Early On

Whether you adopt a young puppy or an older dog through pet adoption in Suwanee, you should always take the time to see the vet sooner rather than later. While puppies can usually hold off until 13 weeks for their first shot, older dogs may have other problems that you should be aware of as soon as possible. In order to prevent excess illness or problems from a quick changing diet, you should ask the place of adoption what the dog has been eating and slowly change the food over as the dog gets comfortable. There are many reasons why a dog may show signs of illness and this includes change of diet and stress.

Ask About Training Background

Many older dogs in pet adoption in Suwanee can come from troubled backgrounds of some kind. Some have been abused, come from puppy mills, or have simply had neglectful pet parents. All of these things can cause behavioral problems from as little as a lack of training to aggression, fear, and anxiety in certain situations. You’ll want to talk to the adoption center about your dog and its background in order to solidify that you can take care of the dogs needs appropriately.

Common Problems in Older Dogs

Constant Urination or inappropriate urination in the house is not the only problem that older (six months and up) dogs can come with pet adoption in Suwanee. Before you adopt, you’ll need to fully understand the background and needs of the dog and what it takes to cure or cope with the problems because they aren’t always curable. Some things you may run into also include:


  • Aggression towards certain sounds
  • Aggression towards certain types of people
  • Dislike of cold or rainy conditions
  • Fear of children
  • Fear of going outside
  • Fear of small dogs or other dogs in general
  • Fear of the dark
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Submissive or excited urination
  • Urine Marking


Not all dogs from pet rescues will display any symptoms of mistreatment, which is why it’s important to know which dogs will so you are ready for it. Regardless of the problem the dogs from pet adoption in Suwanee may have, there are a few things you should never do with any dog such as:


  • Cleaning up accidents with ammonia-based cleanser.
  • Confining dog in small space for long hours as punishment.
  • Crating dog as punishment or in dirty crate.
  • Immediately bringing dog inside without giving them a chance to play if they want to play.
  • Punishing dog physical.
  • Rubbing dog’s nose in their waste.
  • Scolding dog for eliminating indoors.