dog safety in Suwanee

Tips for Dog Safety in Suwanee when Flying

Travel is a stressful time for everyone involved. While your dog might not be making any of the plans, he’s typically clueless to what’s going on and just knows that everything around him is changing. When it comes to flying, dogs are often separated from their pet parents and placed in cargo where things can seem even more frightening. Whether you’re traveling for a move, vacation, or business, following these tips for air travel dog safety in Suwanee can make the travel time easier and safer for you and your pet.


Go to the Vet

This is going to be required of you before your dog will be allowed to board any plan. A certificate of health will need to be presented when you drop your dog off. This certificate must be marked for less than 10 days prior to the travel date to insure that it is recent. This is to insure dog safety in Suwanee health-wise. When you visit the vet, you can talk to them about any concerns such as anxiety as you may have. If you consider sedating your dog for the flight, you will need to check that the airline accepts sedated dogs as it can pose a larger health risk.


Check that Your Destination is Pet-Friendly

There’s nothing worse than going through the process of moving your dog with you only to find out that your destination isn’t dog friendly. Do your research ahead of time so that dog safety in Suwanee isn’t at risk when you arrive such shuffling around an area you don’t know very well trying to make new accommodations with your dog in a crate and a bunch of luggage. Make sure that you find hospitalities that can accommodate your dog as much as they accommodate you


Check With Your Airline

Read the guidelines of the specific airline you’re planning to fly with. Some accommodations that you expected may not be offered with them. You can always ship your dog with a different airline than the one you’re flying on, you’ll just have to accommodate different landing schedules.  However you want to be sure you understand and follow the guidelines to the T for your specific airline to insure dog safety in Suwanee and to insure your dog is accepted on board.


Keep Familiar Scents Near

One tip that vets and professionals will recommend to ease the anxiety of your pet during air travel is to place items that smell familiar in their crate such as a piece or two of your clothing, one of their favorite toys… something. This will give them sort of ground in familiarity where they might not have had it before at all. Keep in mind that your dog will be in a loud, unknown place possibly with other animals and without you. They will be worried but just having something that smells like you can help ease anxiety, prevent injury, and insure dog safety in Suwanee.